Due to our villa's close proximity to Disney World, it is of course natural for us to expect many, many families with young children to occupy our vacation home at one point or another.  We know that traveling with children can be stressful and challenging for many parents, due to the extra "stuff" that needs to come along to make your stay manageable.  Many property owners charge an extra fee for providing the "essentials" such as a stroller, highchair or a Pack n Play (which doubles as a crib and playpen).  You can leave these items (which take up valuable travel space) at home, as we provide all these things at no extra charge.
In addtion, Florida state law requires that a pool safety fence be present on all vacation property.  When you arrive this will be set up so that access to the pool is restricted to mitigate the risk of a young child inadvertently accessing the pool area without the watchful eye of an adult.  Of course, this does not substitute for proper adult supervision.  It is recommended that especially when young children are present, that this safety fence is erected at all times when the pool is not in use.

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