As mentioned under the price chart tab, pool heat is $150.00 per week (prorated daily for part weeks).

If you have ordered pool heat for your stay, please read the following information and frequently asked questions (FAQs):


  • When is the pooler heater turned on for your stay?
  • The pool heater is turned on the morning of your arrival and depending on the temperatures can take up to 24 hours or longer to heat to full capacity.
  • How warm will the pool get?
  • The pool heat is set to heat the pool to approximately 80 F. Frequently, the actual temperature may be higher depending on weather conditions.
  • How long does the pool heat for?
  • The pool will heat for the same time the pool is filtering.  Depending on the pool size, heating time can range from 8 - 12 hours or longer.
  • How does the pool retain heat for cool nights and cool temperatures (i.e. during the winter months)?
  • Your home is equipped with a pool cover.  If not on the pool already, it will either be on the pool deck or in the garage.  You MUST cover the pool area with this cover when the pool is not use - i.e. during the evenings or during the day if the pool is not being used. All areas of the pool must be covered.  This helps retain the pool heat and helps ensure that the heater is not running unnecessarily.  When the pool cover is on, please ensure that the safety fence is put up.  Please do not leave unsupervised children around the pool area at any time.
  • What if the pool feels cooler than expected?
  • During the winter months, Florida weather can plummet to low temperatures which the pool heater is not designed to handle. Temperatures that are below 65 F will decrease the efficiency of the pool heater, therefore causing the pool to not heat to full capacity.  In extreme cold weather, the pool heater may only be capable of taking the chill off.  There will be no refunds given in these instances.
  • Is the pool option available throughout the whole year?
  • Generally speaking, the pool option is not available from approximately mid June through to the end of August.  The weather in Florida is very warm and humid during this time period, and the management company and the pool contractor advise that having the heater on greatly increases the chances of heater malfunction and will cause damage to the pool liner.
  • I am not sure whether to have the pool heated.  During what months would it not generally be required?
  • Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but  we find from past guest's experiences, that pool heat is not generally required from May - October.  The weather is very warm during this period and the pool will heat up to the mid 80's F (and in some cases higher) naturally on its own. In a lot of cases, it may not even be required outside of this period, as Florida does have warm weather a good portion of the year.  It is recommended that if you are unsure - do not order pool heat at the outset - you can always add it later before (or even during) your stay by contacting us or our management company.
  • I ordered pool heat, but have decided now that I don't require it.  Can I cancel and get a refund for this cost?
  • In some cases, the weather may be a lot warmer than expected and you have decided that you do not want the pool heated.  You may cancel this option any time up to the day before arrival.  Once the management company turns on the pool heat (i.e. the morning of arrival) it cannot be cancelled.  Any refund owing back to the customer will be added to the security deposit refund and refunded in the same manner.

If you think that there is a problem with the pool heater, please do contact the management company.  The pool heat will be checked and any problems will be noted to the property owner and the management company.  Generally, there are no Sunday call outs for pool heater concerns (due to outside contractor availability), but the management  company would be happy to assist the following day.

If you have not ordered pool heat for your stay, but have changed your mind and would like to do so, please contact the management company and they will turn on the heat for you for a call out charge of $15.00.  You will then be charged $21.43/day for the remainder of your stay. This will be deducted from the security deposit owing to you.

If you have any further questions about pool heat, please contact the management company during normal working hours (9:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST).


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